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We develop solutions to improve your business processes and help your company get to the next level.

Using Machine Intelligence

Would you like to make intelligent conclusions about your customers?

Predict their preferences? Optimize your delivery routes?

Detect what is on the images your customers upload?

Or would you simply like to outsource small talk to a customized chatbot?

We use state-of-the-art machine learning methods custom-tailored to your business. Face recognition, image generation, routing optimization, customer preference prediction, and language processing are just some of the things today's computers can do.

Understanding Your Data

Would you like to understand your data better?

Are you collecting a lot of data that you don't know how to analyze?

Would you like to obtain actionable insights from the data you have?

We help you implement Business Intelligence solutions in your business. Or we just help you understand your data better. Or we help you capture more relevant data, quicker.

Optimizing Business Processes

Is your time utilized 105%, and your just can't scale up because there are only so many hours in the day?

Do you have a business process that works, but you have a gut feeling it could work better?

With your domain knowledge and our tech knowledge, we identify the segments of your business that can be automated. We design a solution or a process that would work best for your business, and you get to enjoy the extra time or financial savings.

System Integration

Is your company using a dozen software systems that don’t talk to each other?

Do you feel like your employees are wasting their time moving data from one system to another?

Is wrong data costing you a fortune?

We teach disconnected systems on how to talk to each other. We establish data pipelines between the systems. We establish Single-Sign-On to help you log into your systems more securely.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

Are your employees spending most of their time on mundane tasks?

Are errors costing your business money?

Computers do as they're told. And we know how to talk to them. We’ll tell them how to do these tasks, while your team uses the extra time for more important tasks.

Software Consultancy

Do you have a problem that you think can be solved with software, but you aren’t sure?

Does your IT team lack expertise in a certain area, and they need consultancy or training?

Are you wondering if things can be done more efficiently?

We dive into your problem and suggest a solution based on your specific needs. We work with your IT team to help them build what you need. This can be anything from simply pointing them in the right direction, through teaching, and even by getting our hands dirty and building parts of the solution.

Developing Custom Software

Do you have a clear idea of a new software product that you would like to build?

Would you like to upgrade your internal software, but no off-the-shelf solutions fit your business?

Sometimes off-the-shelf solutions simply don't offer what you need. Or you need to pay for features that you don't need. We can build a custom software solution that will match your requirements perfectly.

Developing Blockchain Solution

Would you like to incorporate blockchain technology in your organization?

Do you want to build a custom blockchain?

Would you like to formalize an agreement via a smart contract?

We can develop custom blockchain solutions and smart contracts. However, more often than not, we will advise you not to do it and suggest alternative technologies providing a better cost-benefit ratio.

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